Want to become a TMH Super hero?


This month Take My Hands are launching an awesome brand new campaign. 

See the details below on how you can become a TMH Super hero.


Become a TMH Super hero

This month we are launching a brand new campaign.  

This is an opportunity to become a super hero for as little as $50! ..... and save a life ..... and support TMH do great work. 

For as little at $50 you can 'purchase' a stunning piece of medical equipment and a space in one of our TMH shipping containers. Your equipment will then be shipped to one of our amazing health provider partners in the Pacific. It's kind of like buying that chicken or goat for a village campaign you hear about, but with medical equipment.

Here's our price list:

$50 gets you a wheel chair, or a medical trolley, or half a pallet load of gloves and masks ..... plus we'll throw in the equivalent of a 1/4 ft in one of our shipping containers.

$100 gets you a wheel chair, three legs AND a few boxes of gloves and masks ...... and we'll throw in FOR FREE the equivalent of a 1/2 foot in one of shipping containers.

$200 gets you a hospital bed and the equivalent of 1 foot in one of our shipping containers. AND For a limited time only we'll also throw in three legs, a walker and six random feet! It's a bargain!!!

Visit our Give a little Page to find out more and make the best 'purchase' you'll make all year!   

But wait there's more! ..... this also makes an excellent Christmas present and if you let us know this is a gift we'll provide you with a fantastic certificate of 'purchase' to wrap up and put under the tree.