A career in the field of prosthetics can be rewarding, interesting and very varied, with no two days the same.

To help patients get their lives back on track after they've left hospital requires a team of people. This section looks at three of the members of that team: Clinical Prosthetist, Prosthetic Technician and Physiotherapist, including what each job entails and how to train.

If you've ever considered a career in the field of prosthetics, this is where to start finding out about it.

Clinical Prosthetist

A career as a Clinical Prosthetist can be rewarding and different. Combining creativity, technology and practical skills with helping people and making a real difference in their lives, working as a Prosthetist can be a very satisfying and interesting role, with plenty of scope for self-development and improvement. Read more

Prosthetic Technician

A Prosthetic Technician works with the Clinical Prosthetist to make, repair and maintain artificial limbs. The job involves manual skills combined with technical know-how and the ability to use many different materials and machinery. Read more


Physiotherapists work with the patient, coaching them in the use of their artificial limb and helping them to help them achieve their full potential. They use observational skills, clinical reasoning and an understanding of artificial limbs to develop exercises to improve strength, balance and endurance. Read more

Current Vacancies

In this section we advertise our current vacancies Read more