Sam Cawthorn - Bounce Forward

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You will discover:

  • How to use moments of crisis and adversity to shift your mind and body into new levels of inner power. Knowing this answer lets you unleash your true potential. See page 6.
  • How to move beyond the pain curve …with easy to follow steps revealed on page 21.
  • How I made crisis the BEST thing that happened to me… and how you can, too. ee page 18.
  • The secret to turning your life around from any crisis… in 12 days. That’s right, just 12 days. Revealed on page 3.
  • Transform your life with motivation secrets that get you “off your duff” and inspired instantly. Hint: whatever you do, do NOT use Money or Profit as your reason for change. Do this instead. See page 17.
  • How to take control of your thinking and get the results you want whenever you want.Proven to work. See page 27.
  • Simple self-defence “tricks” I use whenever a crisis hits. Lets you turn that unexpected crisis into a positive opportunity that bounces you forward. See page 40.
  • % PO.W.E.R. traits you need that translate proximity into positive power and an amazing life. Why these traits help you bounce forward stronger than ever. See page 70.
  • The best way to leverage the power of positivity to fuel success. So powerful, yet most people never hear of it. See page 81.
  • How to move your life from “daily grind” to happiness. The secret to living a meaningful and fulfilling life.
  • The right type of mindset for moving towards a new, brighter future. Plus… how to maintain this mindset in the face of all obstacles. See page 117
  • The 12 Day Crisis Turnaround Challenge. If you’d like to transform your life in 12 days, take this challenge. You’ll be glad that you did. Full details on page 113.
  • Plus much more…