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Question Time with Attitude TV

Life Unlimited has partnered with AttitudeLive to bring you 'Question Time.' Frank and sometimes awkward questions are put to a diverse range of disabled people. Read More

Sculptor’s prosthetic hand does nearly everything

Gavin Wilson of Dunedin, wears New Zealand’s newest robotic hand, which is sensitive enough to hold an egg but strong enough to pop a tennis ball. Margot Taylor - Otago Daily... Read More

The real reason that politician-in-a-disabled-carpark story is outrageous

Disability Rights Commissioner Paula Tesoriero on what the recent flap over a National candidate parking in a disabled space reveals about our attitudes towards disability. Read More

Amputees going out on a limb to give their body parts a fitting farewell

Amputees are now routinely offered the option of keeping their amputated limbs, a practice that was considered unthinkable in the past. Read More

Spirit of Gold Mufti Day

Support our elite Para athletes on the road to PyeongChang 2018, Tokyo 2020 and beyond, by registering for Spirit of Gold Mufti Day being held on Friday 8 September 2017. Read More

Amputee NZ facebook page invite

Matthew Bryson of Amputee Federation NZ posted an invite to join the Amputee NZ facebook page. Read More

The prosthetic expert changing people's lives

A groovy story in the NZ Woman's Weekly about our very own Rebecca Grooby. Read More

The Lucy Foundation

The Lucy Foundation is committed to empowering people with disabilities by working with local communities to promote education, employment and a culture of disability inclusiveness through environmentally, economically and ethically sustainable trade. Read More

High-tech prosthetics on display at Fredericton symposium

Researchers strive to design functional, durable and waterproof limb prosthetics with myoelectric controls. Read More

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