Kids Get Active Day 2019

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Building on last year’s highly successful Kids Get Active Day held in Wellington, NZALS and Wellington Parafed are excited to announce Kids Get Active Day events happening around the country in 2019. The first event will kick off in Wellington on Tuesday 23 February 2019 at Newtown Park. Last year the athletic track was the highlight for kids to try out running blades for the first time and getting involved in a fun range of sports and obstacle courses.

“While the purpose of the days are to showcase the NZALS services and develop a partnership with the local Parafeds by giving young amputees a great sporting and recreation experience, the greater and long-term outcome I see is these young amputees doing sports and activities they previously may not have considered and their growth in confidence as they master new skills” said Parafed Wellington Sport Coordinator Paralympian Kate Horan.

Parafed Wellington have taken a contract with NZALS to organise all the Kids Get Active days for 2019 around the country and we are greatly looking forward to working with them to ensure amputee kids are able to stay active, feel empowered and have a fantastic day with other kids and their parents and caregivers.

“Not only are the activity days a way for kids to have a day of fun with their peers, it is also an opportunity to have a profound effect on the future of these young people.” Says NZALS CEO Sean Gray. “Being active is one of the biggest contributors to reducing the risk of chronic disease and ensuring healthy and happy futures for these kids.”

Karen Olver attended last year’s active day with her daughter Kate and it left a lasting impression on the young sport-keen amputee. “The day provided a big boost to our daughter’s confidence. Being alongside other kids that are amputees put her on a level playing field and made her realise that she is fortunate to be so physically able.”

If you are a parent or caregiver interested in your child attending the activity day, please contact Parafed Wellington on or 04 387 9640

If you have any questions relating to the activity day, please do not hesitate to contact Parafed Wellington.

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