Archive: December, 2017

Wellington student's project lets amputees design their own artificial limb covers

"Victoria University Design School Masters student Fenella Richards, 22, has been working with the artificial limb service (NZALS) to develop covers for artificial limbs that can be printed with designs."... Read More

Paula Tesoriero - fighting for equality

"As Disability Rights Commissioner she's resolved to making New Zealand a better and more inclusive place for those with disabilities". Read more about our new Disability Commissioner Paula Tesoriero on  here. Read More

Senses offer new hope for amputees suffering phantom pain

Ian Winson is one of the "...approximately 80 per cent of amputees who experience 'phantom pain' — ongoing pain and sensations in a limb that is not there" according to "Auckland University of... Read More

Anna Steven has a Paralympic dream - and Liam Malone is helping her achieve it

"At age 13 Anna Steven endured six months of chemotherapy and major surgery that led to the amputation of her leg. Read More

Getting amputee feedback in real-time

This year, NZALS has implemented a new continuous improvement programme. We have contracted an independent provider (Cemplicity) to email patients who have received our services with satisfaction questions and requests... Read More