Clinics are a meeting of health professionals, amputees, their whanau and caregivers. They are a forum for new amputees to be assessed and for prosthetics to be prescribed by a medical specialist in consultation with a Prosthetist and Physiotherapist.

Clinics are held regularly at each Limb Centre.

The team of professionals will usually include Prosthetist, Physiotherapist and Medical Specialist (an orthopaedic surgeon or rehabilitation specialist). Along with the services provided by NZALS, a number of medical and community care professionals may also be involved in your rehabilitation (Work and IncomeACC (Accident Compensation Corporation), Enable New Zealand, Podiatrists, GP’s, Community Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists)

Together this team will discuss and develop a rehabilitation plan for the amputee and carers.

If you are being fitted for a new or replacement artificial limb, you will first be seen at clinic. A cast may be taken the same day.

Further appointments will be made for fitting and adjustments. This is where you will learn to use your prosthesis. As you adapt and learn to drive the prosthesis, your Prosthetist will make adjustments to ensure it remains an optimal fit and functions as well as it can. A physiotherapist will likely be involved with your rehabilitation.

Once you and your Prosthetist are happy with the fit and function of the prosthesis, it will be 'finished off'. This means any temporary components will be removed and replaced by permanent ones.