Prosthetic limb manufacturing and repairing

In each centre we have qualified and highly skilled technicians and prosthetists who create and produce your limb from scratch to each amputee’s specific needs and requirement. In each centre NZALS has Prosthetists that create upper limbs and lower limbs depending on the needs of the individual.


Each centre has qualified and experienced rehabilitation specialists and physiotherapists that work with each amputee to aid each amputee to live an active and productive life.


NZALS staff endeavors to ensure that suitable appointments and services are provided to each amputee their whanau/family and caregivers each and every time they call and or visit each centre throughout New Zealand. This includes interconnected services between centres, which mean amputees can visit any centre throughout NZ, for example if a patient is travelling or in another region and needs adjustments etc.

Who Is Responsible for What?


Assesses the amputee and casts the amputated site, then builds the limb to the individual’s requirements.

Surgeon/Rehabilitation Specialist

Clinically assesses each amputee for their suitability, progression and current to receive a prosthetic limb.


Assesses the amputee’s current physical levels of ability and provides Rehabilitation services.

The Physiotherapist will examine each individual and develop a plan using treatment techniques to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function, and prevent disability where possible. In addition, Physiotherapists will develop fitness- and wellness-oriented programs to aid each individual to increase mobility and live an active healthy life (PTA, 2003).

Occupational Therapist

The goal of the occupational therapist is to aid and enable the amputee to participate in activities undertaken in everyday life.

Occupational therapists achieve this by working with our amputees to enhance their ability to engage in the occupations they desire, need, or are expected to do; this may require modification of the occupation or the surrounds/environment to better support the occupational therapy engagement (OTNZ-WNA, 2016)

ACC Case Manager

Ensures that each amputee’s new limb is funded and assessed accordingly and there is capacity for the limb to be delivered in a timely manner.