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NZALS Contestable Research Fund 2017

Read more here: NZALS Contestable Research Fund 2017 Read More

Kiwi para-athlete Liam Malone out to beat Usain Bolt's sprinting record with 'super blades'

Kiwi para athlete Liam Malone reckons he can break Usain Bolt's 100m record within three years - Read More

3D printing a new way of life for amputees

Artificial limbs are running hot off the press at Victoria University’s School of Design in Wellington – the 3D printing press that is.   Read More

Prosthetic Third Thumb Aims to Extend Wearer’s Body Functionality

"While prostheses have long been used to replace missing body parts, artist Dani Clode has developed a prosthetic thumb that is meant to augment ability." Greg Walters - Read More

Kiwis engineer the world's first waterproof prosthetic hand

"Kiwi-company Taska Prosthetics has debuted a prosthetic hand they claim is advanced enough to disrupt the $23.5 billion dollar prosthetic market. The Taska model is the first hand prosthetic in the world that is waterproof". Julie Iles - Read More

Meet Tony Christiansen

Read this article on NZ Herald website on the amazing life of amputee Tony Christiansen Read More

Inspirational Kiwi becomes first tennis player with disability to earn a professional ranking point

Inspirational Kiwi becomes first tennis player with disability to earn a professional ranking point. Read More

Dancer with One Arm: Brylee Mills

Attitude TV - this  is the story of Brylee, an impressive 21-year old, she’s a dance teacher, motivational speaker, gym bunny, and photographer. Read More

Meningococcal survivor and quadruple amputee Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman spars UFC fighter Tyson Pedro

This is the continuation of the story published last month, following the journey of inspirational young woman and amputee Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman who has taken up training in martial arts. Read More

Kiwi sprinter qualifies for first World Junior Para Athletics Championships

Para-athlete Anna Steven is one of four New Zealanders selected for the World Para Athletics Junior Championships. Read More

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